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Our Story

Our story begins back in 2003 when our founder, Emma, began her career as an esthetician and massage therapist. She worked for several businesses for a few years before starting her own. 


Emma created a safe space for her clients to come and offload life's stressors and anxieties while receiving one of her treatments. Her first career gave Emma critical people and business skills.

As a creative individual, she wanted to flex her creative muscles, so after thirteen years she pivoted her career into graphic design and writing.


As she grew her brand and clientele, she found a knack for helping small business owners, not just with their content and design needs, but with helping them navigate their businesses. 

Taking a particular interest in environmental issues, Emma has been working predominantly with sustainable businesses for the past few years. She co-founded the Sustainable Brand Network and volunteers as Copywriting Director for Striver, a sustainability platform.

In 2020, Emma decided to combine her myriad of skills under one brand; Saguaro Media.


Saguaro offers content strategies, content creation, and content management, as well as business consultations for small to medium sustainable businesses. 


Get in touch and let's see if we're a fit!

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